By Brad Edwards

(CBS) — Parents say they’ve been kept in the dark about two staff members at Jordan Elementary School who were removed amid allegations of misconduct.

CBS 2’s Brad Edwards speaks to a teacher at the school about the scandal.

Little light was publicly shed on why a popular teacher and recently promoted assistant principal were ushered from the building. It was last year some at the school believed the story would come out.

The teacher, whose identity is being concealed, tells Edwards: “I was shocked when the two people were back at school and one was made the assistant principal.”

“We all thought that it was swept under the carpet,” the teacher adds.

On Wednesday, months of whispers became a roar as parents flocked to the school’s front door demanding answers.

The shades were pulled for an interested public.

Mother Bernita Camper, a former teacher’s aide, said she blew the whistle last spring in a letter in speculating an untoward relationship between the teacher and a student, including inappropriate texts she viewed. Her job was later budget-cut.

The teacher Edwards spoke to thinks her job was cut in retaliation: “She went above and beyond in the capacity of a teacher aide.”

Chicago Public Schools officials are still only saying the two employees were re-assigned out of the classroom.

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