CHICAGO (CBS) — A Chicago family says it just shouldn’t have happened. A woman driving an SUV drives off after colliding with a motorcycle – a crash that killed the guy on the bike.

The family says the woman behind the wheel turned herself in, but it was so late they may never know what really happened that night.

“I need to have some type of answer as to why would you would take my baby,” said Amanda Madlock, the crash victim’s mother.

A horrific crash took her 27-year-old son Dallas Madlock on August 18.

He was riding his motorcycle with a group rolling east on U.S. 30 in Matteson just after midnight.

Suddenly, near Willow Road, a witness says a black SUV heading west made a u-turn – cutting off Madlock’s bike and causing them to crash .

“He suffered devastating injuries,” said Sean Murray, the Madlock family’s attorney.

But that’s not all – Murray points to a police report where a witness spotted the suspect vehicle as it fled with hit-and-run suspect Latasha Lee allegedly behind the wheel.

“She waited approximately 18 hours after the collision to report the collision,” said Murray. “Obviously, by the time she turned herself in, the police and the authorities were unable to perform any sort of tests.”

The suspect’s attorney tells us his firm has launched its own investigation. He’s fully confident his client will be cleared.

As Madlock’s family thumbs through photos of the loving father and husband-to-be, they wrestle with one witness’s account of the suspect actually stopping near Madlock’s body before driving off.

“I forgive her because it was an accident. But to go back and see my baby laying there. And not try to console him?” said Amanda Madlock.

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