(WSCR) – The Bears look to move to 4-0 Sunday in their noon kick at Detroit.  The Bears sit at about a 3 point underdog but what investment opportunities will you probably not find in Vegas?  Ladies and gentlemen, your week 4 Over/Unders courtesy of The McNeil and Spiegel Show:

1:  Bears love to force turnovers vs. anyone, especially Detroit
5 forced turnovers last week in Pittsburgh
8 last year in two games vs. Detroit
O/U for Bears Forced Turnovers:  2.5
Mac – Under     Spiegs – Under
2.  Calvin Johnson versus the Bears
72.8 avg yards receiving vs. Bears
Johnson averages 89.3 in 2013
O/U for Calvin Johnson Receiving Yards:  81.5
Mac – Over     Spiegs – Over

3.  Running Backs Great Pass Catcher
3 of the top 5 receiving yards for running backs
Bell, Bush, Forte – how many yards to they have in receptions?
O/U for receiving yards by Running Backs:  150.5
Mac – Over    Spiegs – Over

4.  Ndamukong Suh is tough to defend against
Force playing within rules, will break them often as well
Kyle Long get desperate versus him?
False start, holding, retaliation versus Suh?
O/U for Kyle Long Penalties:  1.5
Mac – Under    Spiegs – Over

5.  Showings of Suh’s Dirty Play
Montage or questionable dirty plays in his past?
A couple of dirty one’s on Cutler in the past, show all of them?
O/U for Fox Showing Old Plays of Suh being dirty:  2.5
Mac – Under     Spiegs – Over

6.  Fox reads the newspapers
David Haugh wrote today about Phil Emery being from Detroit
Any mention of Phil Emery being from Detroit?
O/U for Phil Emery Homecoming:  0.5
Mac – Under    Spiegs – Under

7.  Bears Change in Offensive Line
The guys like Webb, Richal, Spencer who struggled recently vs. Detroit
Maybe they go “Thayer could have come out of booth to help them out”
O/U for Mentions of Former Bears Offensive Linemen:  1.5
Mac – Under    Spiegs – Over