(CBS) – When news broke Thursday of the shooting outside the capitol, many people immediately though of their local congress members.

CBS 2’s Derrick Blakley talked to some of them and found out what they went through.

The shooting took place at a time when both the House and Senate were in session.

On Capitol Hill, lawmakers were alerted with a blaring security announcement, saying that shots had been fired and advising them to stay in place.

It was an ominous warning for Congressman Jan Schakowsky.

“Every office had this announcement blasting. It’s very loud. And we locked our door immediately. The shades are down, and we just were waiting to hear the news,” she said.

Even before the warning, U.S. Rep. Robin Kelly saw her colleagues react.

“I was standing right outside the House floor, but I saw my colleagues that were still on the floor jump up. So I thought it was something happening inside, and then I ran in and they told me what happened. But they put us on lockdown immediately,” she said.

Lawmakers were told to go inside, lock their doors and stay there.

Indiana Senator Dan Coats did just that, he said in a Tweet to constituents.

“Appreciate all the prayers for our law enforcement here,” Coats said.

That thought echoed by Congresswoman Schakowsky.

“It really drives home the importance of the people who wear the badge of the United States of America in the various capacities to keep things going here,” she said.

Capitol police are on the job, even though they’re not getting paid during the federal government shutdown. That’s something that was noted by Republicans and Democrats alike.

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