CHICAGO (CBS) –– Chicago area small businesses are among the contenders to get a 30-second ad – free of charge – during the Super Bowl.

It’s Intuit that’s sponsoring the contest. They sent out information about it to their customers.

“So I looked at it and I thought, my God, what kind of ad would I have at the Super Bowl? I don’t sell beer, so…” said Bob Koerner.

The 66-year-old Koerner is owner of Pipeblocks in Coal City, Illinois.

Simply put, Pipeblocks is a system to keep ditches clear – and free from erosion.

Koerner says winning a free-spot on the Super Bowl would be “unbelievable.”

“I would envision a good production team, video people, being able to throw some music into it to on the back side – but a lot of aerial photographs of ditches and erosion and problems. And then what they’d look like after my product is in place. How better it looks.”

Koerner knows he’s a long shot in the voting, but he says he’s seen some of the competition and thinks he still stands a chance.

To vote for Pipeblocks or one of the other competitors, click here.