Raul A. Garcia (Left) and Frad C. Johnson (Right). (Credit: Riverside Police)

Raul A. Garcia (Left) and Frad C. Johnson (Right). (Credit: Riverside Police)

RIVERSIDE, Ill. (STMW) — Two west suburban teenagers are facing felony charges after they damaged Riverside Brookfield High School during a senior prank last week, police said.

Police arrived at the high school about 12:45 a.m. Oct. 2 and found a large group of students covering the school in toilet paper and shaving cream before the homecoming football game Friday night — a long-standing school tradition, police said.

However, officers found the high school had been seriously damaged. The building had been spray-painted and four live chickens were left in a crib at the doors, police said.

Several pieces of furniture were left at an old entrance, door locks were damaged with expanding foam and pornographic pictures with handwritten notes referring to school staff members were left on doors and nailed to trees, police said.

Some people had fled as officers arrived, but more than 100 stayed in front of the school and continued writing slogans in shaving cream, police said.

“This investigation was prolonged as school staff and investigators had to view video and individually attempt to identify those students that actually committed a criminal act versus those students that were there to only participate in the sanctioned pre-homecoming tradition that has gone over for over 20 years,” Riverside police Chief Tom Weitzel said.

“This arrest represents a very small percentage of the students that were outside the school Wednesday night,” Weitzel said. “Only two students crossed the line from sanctioned activities to criminal acts.”

Frad C. Johnson, 18, and Raul A. Garcia, 17, both of North Riverside, were charged with felony criminal damage to state-supported property, police said. Garcia was charged as an adult.

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