By Brad Edwards

(CBS) – Emotion was high during a high school football game on the North Side Friday.

The Lane Tech team played its first game since a player was seriously injured on the field last week. Senior Drew Williams collapsed after a hit, and was rushed to Advocate Christ Medical Center with bleeding on his brain.

On Friday, Drew’s peers wore yellow and green T-shirts in the young man’s honor.

“I was just like wow, I didn’t think football could do that to a person. He’s so talented,” team manager Jasmine Vargas said.

Drew’s younger brother, Bryce, stood in his place on senior night.

“It’s overwhelming, and it’s great that that many people care about him,” he said.

There was some good news. Drew remained in a coma, but he was breathing on his own.

“We think that’s a miracle because at one point they told us that there was a really good chance that we might lose him,” Drew’s sister, Andrea, said.