(CBS) — It’s an unexpected side effect of the Affordable Care Act. Like it or not, you could lose your current health insurance plan.

CBS News confirmed more than two million people across the country – including Illinois and Indiana – are receiving notices that they can’t renew their health insurance.

It’s because their policies don’t meet the laws ten minimum standards, including: maternity care, emergency visits, mental health treatment and even pediatric dental care.

“If the policy you had would not comply with the current law, then you may have to get a policy that covers more things than you cared to have covered,” said Robert Krughoff of Consumers Checkbook.

Consumer watchdogs say some people will wind up paying for insurance – others less.

“The good news if you go on the exchange and have a low enough income you may qualify for a subsidy, and that may be a substantial subsidy and your policy would be much cheaper,” said Krughoff.

It’s a bitter pill for people already frustrated by the problems plaguing the government website, problems that led a top administrator to issue an apology during her testimony before a house committee.

One complaint Krughoff has with the government website is that it doesn’t give you a good tool to compare plans, so you need to shop around both on and off the exchange. You could find a policy that’s cheaper, even without receiving a subsidy.

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