(CBS) — Many of our neighborhoods will be filled with trick-or-treaters on Thursday and at about the same time the phones at the state’s poison control center will start ringing off the hook.

CBS 2’s Chris Martinez reports of all the incoming calls at poison control, concerns over glow sticks are the common.

The bright, colorful favorite on the trick or treat circuit often become the number one scare for parents.

“They’re gonna play with them, obviously. Little kids are gonna put them in their mouths – they’re gonna bite into them and a lot of times it’s gonna release the liquid,” said Erin Pallasch, a poison information specialist

That liquid, a combo of chemicals, actually has little affect if ingested, because it’s not toxic.

“The worst thing that could happen is if it squirts into their eyes,” said Pallasch,

If that happens, Pallasch says to use copius amounts of water to flush it out.

It’s a rather easy fix for a scare that will send many parents rushing to the ER over the next 24 hours.

Some parents tell us they’re still not willing to take the risk.

“Why voluntarily give that to them and say, ‘oh here’s something that may or may not be toxic.’ See if you think you like it, you know,” said Melanie Taylor.

Poison control says if your child ingests that glowing liquid there is no need to go to the ER, simply have them drink some water to flush it from their system.

The other most common call they expect tomorrow: what to do about burns from dry ice. Yuu can reach them at 1-800-222-1222