(CBS) — A number of gay and lesbian couples popped the question within hours of the time the legislature acted.

One such couple is Drew Freeman and Fernando Mojica, who live in Boystown.

Mojica had it all planned out. When Freeman told him the bill had passed, he headed for North Michigan Avenue.

“He told me traffic was really bad, but instead he went directly to the Tiffany’s store and started picking out an engagement gift,” Freeman said.

By his own admission, Freeman was in a sour mood, in his pajamas and doing dishes, when Mojica made it home.

“He came into the kitchen behind me and said, ‘Will you give me a hug?’ So I turned around with soap on my hands, and I was about to be like, ‘I have soap on my hands, wait a moment,’ and he was down on one knee,” Freeman said.

Mojica said they had discussed marriage options several times in recent months, and had decided to wait until same-sex marriages were legalized in Illinois.

Now, Mojica said, it’s not a matter of if, but when.

“Actually, I’m saying, ‘I’m a person,'” he said. “I feel like a person. I’m included now, and that’s huge. That’s absolutely huge.”

Freeman told WBBM that he would love to get married next week, but said he is content to wait until June, when the bill is expected to take effect.