By Dorothy Tucker

(CBS) – One national retailer offered an incredible chance to win a $1 million prize to one person in the first waves of shoppers on Black Friday.

The catch: They had to come into the store. Old Navy is one of many chains doing whatever they can to get people off the couch and through doors.

The chance to win a million was offered to the first 500 shoppers at Old Navy stores around the country. The winner was expected to be notified Friday night.

Cold cash is among the many promotions bricks-and-mortar stores are using to battle their common enemy: online retailers like Amazon.

Another weapon of choice is a smart-phone app that offers in-store-only coupons.

Retailers like Target also let you shop online and pick up your purchase at a store.

Most will match any price you find online. And at Best Buy, they offer you something you won’t find online: person service.

The million-dollar award to one lucky shopper is the first for Old Navy. If it brings in crowds, it may be the beginning of a new cash trend.

Dorothy Tucker