CHICAGO (CBS) — Four women who skate for a Chicago roller derby league were hurt in a head-on car crash over the weekend caused by the driver of a stolen car – and now teammates have set up a fundraising drive for their medical expenses.

WBBM’s Steve Miller reports.

“I don’t even remember yelling it, but the passenger next to me remembers me yelling, ‘They’re going to hit us! They’re going to hit us!'”

Irene Kim was driving the van that carried three of her Windy City Rollers teammates – on their way to an awards banquet near Chinatown – when a car suddenly swerved into their lane and hit them head-on.

Kim says the car was stolen – and the people inside started to leave the scene as she and her passengers were reeling from their injuries, one of whom was unconscious.

“She suffered two very serious lacerations to her face. She had 19 stitches and four internal stitches and she also suffered a bleed in her brain.”

It’s not clear how much – or when – insurance will come through. So a couple of skaters have started a fundraising drive to help the four women.

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