EVANSTON, Ill. (CBS) — An Evanston family is desperate to get its 15-year-old parrot back indoors.

The parrot flew out the front door about noon in below-zero weather.

Roonah the parrot doesn’t really talk, but her owner Pat Lane says Roonah has “a call that can be heard across the Amazon jungle.”

“She’s very much a member of our family.”

Lane says Roonah came from a shelter about 10 years ago – and has been living with the family in their home near Kirk and Dewey in South Evanston.

“She was downstairs. And she picked that moment to fly upstairs and see my husband, who was standing by the front door.

“Just as she flew up, he bent over to pick up a newspaper outside. And she couldn’t stop flying. She went right out the door. We’ve been out walking and cruising with the car trying to find her.”

Lane says they’ve placed Roonah’s cage in the back yard – hoping she’ll come back.

Roonah. (Credit Pat Lane)

Roonah. (Credit Pat Lane)

“I’m hoping that the forces of the universe will manifest her coming back to her cage,” Lane says.

Anyone who sees Roonah is asked to call Evanston Animal Control at 847-448-4311, or Terry Animal Hospital at 847-256-1131, or Blue Pearl Veterinary in Skokie (24-hour number: 847-673-9110).

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