EVANSTON, Ill. (CBS) — We’ve been telling you about a 15-year-old parrot that flew away from her Evanston home yesterday morning – and the family who was desperate to find her.

Now there’s a development: Roonah the parrot has been found after surviving a day and a night in the cold.

Her owner Peter Silverman says right after Roonah disappeared, he told their mail carrier.

“This morning she rang our bell and said she’d seen the bird on a porch about a block and a half away – and led me to the porch where I found the bird, cowering. Very cold.

“I picked her up and took her home and warmed her up and noticed that she had bleeding feet and brought her to the vet immediately.”

Silverman says he doesn’t think Roonah has life-threatening injuries.

He says he and his wife consider themselves very lucky – and they are considering clipping Roonah’s wings – but he says not even that is a guarantee she won’t fly the coop again.

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