CHICAGO (CBS) — Keelan Andrews is the man behind the business called Keelan Rogue.

“Middle name is Rogue, which is where my business name comes from.”

WBBM: Your real middle name is Rogue?

“My dad, he grew up on the Rogue River in Oregon. And apparently he had a lot of fond memories of that and wanted to name me after that.”

27-year-old Keelan Rogue Andrews started designing and making wallets in 2007.

“This is one of my wallets here. And that was a vintage necktie.”

The tie is incorporated into the design of the wallet.

“And so I hand-selected the necktie, cut it all out and shipped it and had it assembled for me there.”

Andrews wants to stop outsourcing – and bring jobs back to the Chicago area.

“This is my new sewing machine that I’m really proud of. It’s the mother ship of all sewing machines. If this machine can’t do it no machine can. Which is cool because this is all part of taking the steps to bring jobs back to America and stop outsourcing things that I have been forced to outsource.”

Not just wallets – but cardholders, flasks and bow ties. He designs them all in his Lakeview studio, selling on-line and in a few Chicago shops.

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