In Chicago, It Took 20 Inches Before Drivers Abandoned Their Cars

CHICAGO (CBS) — A television news station has given a new meaning to “team coverage” of the snowstorm that has left Atlanta stricken.

The entire city has ground to a halt, hundreds of motorists were forced to abandon their vehicles and others slept overnight in grocery store aisles.

The three-inch snow (no, not a typo–three inches) sent 25 (25!) WSB-TV reporters onto the streets to cover the event.

That’s like a ratio of eight reporters per inch of snow.

According to WSB-TV, Georgia state troopers say there was one weather-related fatality. In total, there were 1,254 accidents with 130 injuries.

One baby was born in the interstate.

To be clear, it was plenty scary and unsafe. Politicians are apologizing for not anticipating the impact of the three-inch storm. Many school children were stranded on buses or spent Tuesday night at school.

This all may seem strange to Chicagoans, who view a three-inch snowstorm like a sprinkle.

It took 20 inches of snow for people to abandon their cars here. Remember this?

Major Blizzard Roars Through Chicago Area

Our mayor then wasn’t too happy about that. Neither were the drivers who were stranded for hours.

Obviously, it doesn’t snow often in Atlanta and the city doesn’t have the infrastructure to deal with it.

John Dodge, CBS Chicago

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