CHICAGO (CBS) — The Cook County Sheriff’s office has filed objections to 240 applications for concealed carry permits, including some people certified as concealed carry training instructors.

“Something is terribly wrong here when you have 14 people who are certified as instructors and we’re having to object to them because they have arrest records that deal with guns or violence,” Sheriff Tom Dart said.

The sheriff said he’s not going out on a limb with his objections. In the first month of applications for concealed carry permits, more than 8,700 applications were filed in Cook County.

“We’re not objecting to people based on traffic violations or they had a bad day. These are serious types of arrests that are going on here,” Dart said.

Of the sheriff’s objections, 77 are based on the applicants’ gun crimes, 88 are based on applicants’ domestic violence records, and 52 are based on applicants’ battery and assault records.

Illinois State Police spokeswoman Monique Bond, said “some of the objections include domestic violence, or orders of protection going back 20 years.”