CHICAGO (CBS) — A veteran Chicago police officer is accusing another officer of assaulting her – and she’s suing the city and her superiors because she says they retaliated against her for reporting the assault.

A Chicago police officer is accused of swinging his hand back “as if to strike” veteran Officer Laura Kubiak – and then yell at her “You are nothing, you are a stupid ____, you don’t know how to be the police, I am the police, I am the real police.”

Officer Kubiak’s federal lawsuit says one person who saw the incident was afraid the male officer “was going to pull out his gun and shoot” Kubiak.

Kubiak says after she reported the incident to her superiors, she was reassigned to a dangerous neighborhood on the midnight shift.

The other officer, the lawsuit says, had previously been found guilty of battery.

Kubiak is suing the city and her former superiors in the Police Office of News Affairs for emotional distress and damages.

A spokeswoman for the city of Chicago says she cannot comment since the law department has not completed its review of the lawsuit.

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