CHICAGO (CBS) — A potential problem with the meltdown is flooding, and the city is taking action.

Julia Passamani says the dripping she heard Sunday was a leak in her roof leading to buckets and buckets, and even a baby bath holding water.

“Started to hear a pitter-patter, and drip drip,” said Passamani.

The drops from ice melting outside never made it to the frozen gutter, but crept their way inside the home.

“It was gushing everywhere,” said Passamani.

Passamani even posted the problem on her Chicago Now blog Lipstick and Lollipops.

Her condo association called several roofers who say a permanent fix may have to wait until all the ice melts in the spring.

“We need a new roof,” said Passamani.

Experts at Champion Roofing in Bensenville say for now professionals can shovel snow off the roof, and chop a channel into the ice allowing water to run off.

Water with nowhere to go in this mammoth meltdown is keeping Chicago’s Water Department busy with heavy machines plucking gunk from drains in the street.

“What we’re asking is the residents to pitch in and clear off the catch basins if they see debris or trash on top,” said Dwayne Hightower of the Chicago Water Department.