CHICAGO (CBS) — If you haven’t seen any of the Oscar nominees for Best Picture yet, you can see all of them this weekend in Streeterville at a 24-hour movie marathon.

The AMC River East 21 movie theater is hosting a 24-hour “Best Picture Showcase” from Saturday morning through Sunday, for $60 per ticket.

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“It truly is kind of a tour de force of movie watching in a 24-hour period,” said AMC spokesman Ryan Noonan.

It’s the eighth year AMC Theatres have hosted a Best Picture Showcase to allow customers to see all of the Best Picture nominees before the Oscars. Noonan said some people want to get so comfortable, they show up in their pajamas, and carrying blankets and pillows.

“You’ll have opportunities throughout the marathon to leave, and stretch your legs, and use the restroom, and I think there’s an hour break for dinner,” he said.

This year’s Best Picture nominees are “American Hustle,” “Captain Phillips,” “Dallas Buyers Club,”
“Gravity,” “Her,” “Nebraska,” “Philomena,” “12 Years a Slave,” and “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

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Some people in the crowd have seen one or two of the nominees, but many haven’t seen any.

“We’ve come to expect people who purposely go out of their way to avoid some of the movies they think will be Best Picture nominated, because they want to see them all at once,” Noonan said.

He described the marathon as “a communal movie watching event.”

“By the fourth or fifth movie, you’re talking about it with all the folks around you, who you may not have known 12 hours ago,” he said.

If nine movies in 24 hours seems a bit too much for you, you can watch four of the nine nominees on Friday afternoon and evening for $30, and then the other five nominees Saturday afternoon and evening for $40 at nine Chicago area AMC theaters.

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