By Brad Edwards

(CBS) — As Cook County’s war on drugs heats up, even in the cold, narcotics officers never know what they’re going to find during raids.

CBS 2’s Brad Edwards rides along to see what they’re seeing, and seizing – and is there for a disturbing discovery.

“We’re making a very small dent in an extremely huge problem, but that doesn’t discourage us. We go out ready for the fight every day,” investigator Eddie Barksdale says.

In Harvey alone, in recent months, officers have doled out 83 misdemeanors and 33 felonies and confiscated 15 guns.

During an unexpected pullover, a motorist was caught smoking dope in a car not registered to him. There was a child in the back seat.

“That situation there is just an inkling of the problem that we face every day,” Barksdale says.

Not only are they policing Harvey with results, but they have a significant presence in Robbins, Dalton, Maywood, Dixmoor and other towns. The sheriff’s department is the police in Ford Heights.

Brad Edwards