CHICAGO (CBS) — Nearly two dozen Chicago police officers are on their way to Springfield on Thursday to oppose parole for two criminals who shot police officers in the 1960s and 70s.

“We want to make sure the message gets across that you can’t harm a Chicago police officer, and just walk in and walk out of prison,” Chicago Police Sgt. Frank Iglinski “We want to make sure that you stay the term that you were given by the judge.”

WBBM Newsradio’s Bernie Tafoya reports 23 officers made the trip to testify against parole for 70-year-old Joseph Hurst, and 69-year-old Lee Jones.

Hurst has been at the Dixon Correctional center since 1969, serving a 300-year sentence for fatally shooting Officer Herman Stallworth, and wounding two other officers in 1967.

“Herman Stallworth was a father of four,” Iglinski said. “His family grew up without him, because he was killed because of Hurst.”

Jones is serving 100 years for shooting and paralyzing Officer Eddie Jackson in 1977.

“Jackson’s family had to put up with the fact that here was a vibrant young man that was struck in the head with a bullet, and ended up being in a wheelchair the rest of his life,” Iglinski said.

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