CHICAGO (CBS) — City officials say the body of a woman has been found in a drainpipe at 107th and Loomis – and the mother of a young woman who disappeared in that same neighborhood two and a half years ago is afraid it may be her daughter.

The body was found about 10:45 in the morning. A Chicago water department employee found the body in a drainpipe and was wrapped in plastic.

Brenda Morgan says she got the news not long after the body was located.

“My son-in-law called me and said they’d found a female’s body at 107th and the sewer,” she said. “So I went down to see and the police was there so we couldn’t get close and they wasn’t saying anything. They didn’t want to talk. They were very tight-lipped.”

Brenda Morgan told WBBM’s Steve Miller she is horrified that it may be the body of her daughter – 30 year old Latasha Nevitt – who disappeared in October of 2011.

She left behind three children and a husband.

Morgan says her daughter’s home is about 25 feet from the sewer where the body was found.

Morgan Park resident Guy Underwood told CBS 2’s Suzanne Le Mignot that she thinks the body may belong to Latasha, her neighbor.

“I think it’s my neighbor because when I asked what did they look like, they gave me a description. The description that they gave, it’s kind of like our neighbor,” said Underwood. “We just hope for the best for whoever family member it is and everyone stays safe, ’cause that’s crazy and it’s really close to home.”

An autopsy will be done Thursday.

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