(CBS) — A 37-year-old native of the central Illinois community of Effingham is among the victims of the latest Fort Hood shooting spree.

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Sgt. Timothy Owens and his wife Billy had not even been married a year, his mother-in-law Dee Humphrey tells WBBM Newsradio’s Steve Miller.

They were married in Missouri last August and moved to Texas because that’s where Owens was stationed.

The wedding of Billy and Timothy Owens, August 2013, in Rolla, Mo. (Dee Humphrey)

The wedding of Billy and Timothy Owens, August 2013, in Rolla, Mo.
(Dee Humphrey)

Humphrey says her daughter is holding up, but has been in shock since she got the news her husband had been shot and killed.

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“So they took her to the hospital and escorted her into a room where there was a bunch of chaplains. And that was just so sad because she was by herself, and immediately, of course, she knew what had happened — that he was gone,” she says.

She says her daughter Billy had gone to high school with Tim Owens in Rolla, Mo., and then they went their separate ways.  Billy married and divorced. And then just over a year ago, Billy re-connected with Tim on the Internet.

“I mean, they were just getting settled. They were living outside the base for a while, but it got expensive so they decided to move on-base,” Humphrey says.

Humphrey says her son-in-law worked in the Army motor pool area.

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They believe Owens was shot in the chest — at close range.