(CBS) Raising the height of the goal posts in the NFL from 30 feet to 35 feet seemed like a simple enough idea at the time it was passed last week, with the good intention of making sky-high field goal attempts easier to rule for officials.

But the extension doesn’t appear to be as easy a change as thought. Several complications have arisen, according to a report from azcentral.com, most significantly the effect of the weather on higher goal posts.

From azcentral.com:

For instance, how will heavy winds affect a 35-foot goal post? Could it topple, endangering players, fans and officials? Will the base have to be enlarged? If so, the sleeve or other device that holds it in place has to be bigger.

“I think the NFL thought, ‘Just weld on 5 more feet and everything will be cool,'” said Neil Gilman, president of Gilman Gear, which also manufactures goal posts. “That’s not the case.”

The article also says the seemingly mundane task of shipping goal posts is difficult because not many trucking companies are equipped to ship items that are 35 feet long, and there are unique challenges at many NFL stadiums.

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