(CBS) We hope this is some sort of mix-up or perhaps even a Twitter user-generated joke. If it’s not, Derek the UConn RA is the clubhouse leader in the race for worst RA ever. And they might just be calling the race today, if that’s the case.

The below letter is making the rounds on Twitter, though it hasn’t been verified, in advance of tonight’s national championship game between seventh-seeded UConn and eighth-seeded Kentucky, which starts at 8:10 p.m. CT on CBS.

In it, Derek the RA takes issue with and warns any of his floormates who plan to “go wild” before, during or after the Huskies’ big game tonight. He wants them to stay away. Far, far away.

Among his lines, he says, “You’re cheering for laundry.” We’ll see how well that line goes over in Storrs tonight.

Check out the rest of it below. It originally comes from @MikeMancini on Twitter, according to Deadspin.



[tweet https://twitter.com/sportingnews/status/453264710209523712]

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