(CBS) — A pair of pals say their pets are going to be the first winners as they cash in a $4 million willing instant lottery ticket.

WBBM’s John Cody reports Marta Paciorek and her friend Anna Hassan have been buying over a hundred dollars’ worth of tickets a week for months now and now they’ve scratched off a winner which they’re taking in a lump sum up front.

“It is a 2.4 [million dollars] cash option and then if you split it into two then it is 1.2 [million dollars] and then after that it is a couple hundred thousand, so it really didn’t make any sense for us to take it over 20 years,” said Paciorek.

Paciorek, originally from Poland, says she plans to share the funds with her family and American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

“Animals are lovable creatures that deserve to be treated as members of the family, just like Tabby, my 10-year old Labrador Retriever,” she said in the statement. “I’m happy this lottery win will allow me to donate to an animal rights charity.”

The store will receive a $40,000 bonus, 1 percent of the prize amount, for selling the winning ticket.

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