In today’s society, technology drives almost every aspect of day-to-day life; from the thousands of new apps that are created to the ever-changing computer systems for professional or personal use. Lextech Global Services is a mobile app development company that evaluates business workflows to identify and build apps that improve processes and make the complex simple. CEO Alex Bratton offers some insight on how his educational background in technology has helped him to achieve success in his field.

(Photo Courtesy of  Alex Bratton)

(Photo Courtesy of Alex Bratton)

How does your background education in technology relate to your current position?
“I have always been interested in the combination of software and hardware and was fortunate to work with a teacher on a multi-year independent study of computer programming. I received my B.S. in Computer Engineering and founded Lextech in 2001 in my basement. Today we have employees in Lisle, Chicago, Champaign-Urbana and sprinkled around the country.”

What inspired you to enter this field?
“I’m passionate about applying technology to help people thrive in whatever they do, especially in a work setting. I saw many organizations building ‘blinky lights’ technology—technology for its own sake, rather than to serve its users.”

What is some advice you can give others considering the technology field?
“If you’re passionate about something, that means you’re thinking about it outside of the work setting. Regardless of what I was doing, in the evenings I was always tinkering, exploring and learning. Whatever you do, never stop reading, exploring and building things yourself. Whether you decide to start your own business or choose to work for someone else, this type of experience will be valuable. Focus on courses that teach real world applications of technology along with the theories, rather than theories alone.”

How has your education helped you achieve overall success in your field?
“I learned how to think at a broader systems level and absorb technical material quickly. I also learned many business lessons by participating in clubs and leading groups like the Association for Computing Machinery. My education provided opportunities to partake in group projects, gain experience with public speaking and set a growth vision.”

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