By John Dodge

CHICAGO (CBS) — WARNING: If you get dizzy standing on a chair, you might not like this video.

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However, if you are interested in what it feels like to wash high-rise windows, this video is totally for you.

Armed with a brush and wiper blade, window washer Michael Kelly strapped a video camera to his helmet and posted to YouTube about 20 minutes of stomach-churning video as he slowly slid down a building in the Financial District at 175 W. Jackson on Monday.

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The view is fantastic, although disconcerting at times–especially if you get skittish at higher altitude.

Using a suction cup as a grip, Kelly deftly moves from side to side around stone and brick pillars to attack his target.

For the most part, the only sounds you here are the thudding of the suction cup and the sloshing of cleaning solution.

It seems Mr. Kelly has done this a few times before.

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Sitting in a small seat and guided by a sturdy rope, Kelly quickly applies soapy water and swipes is wiper blade a few times and then bounces and slides along the side of the building, sometimes floating away from the building and looking down at the street below.