(CBS) — Two geese and their five baby goslings have been rescued after slowing traffic on I-80/94 at the Illinois-Indiana border Tuesday afternoon.

The geese were walking along the shoulder of the road of the westbound lanes of the expressway and were closely followed by an IDOT minuteman truck and escorted by state police.

Commuters watched the family of geese walk about a mile and a half on the interstate.

Greg Sashington was the minuteman truck driver to the rescue. He said he had been following the geese since, “at least just before or just past Calumet Avenue.”

The goose family was finally led to a frontage drive near Henry Street in Lansing which turned out to be their escape route. But first Lansing firefighter Don Hunter had to bring the keys that opened the padlock to the gate.

Then the geese were encouraged to go down the ramp and away from that dangerous traffic. Down they came, squawking and honking, headed for safety as folks who’d seen them during the live TV coverage looked on in real life.

They found green grass waiting for them at the bottom of the ramp, a little tricky for the babies but they learn fast.

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