DEERFIELD, Ill. (CBS) — A body was pulled from a retention pond in north suburban Deerfield on Friday.

Around 8 a.m., police responded to the 400 block of Kelburn Road in the Coramandel subdivision – a group of condo buildings ringing several retention ponds in Deerfield.

A man’s body was pulled from a pond at the subdivision a short time later

Officers surrounded the body as the Lake County Coroner’s office arrived on the scene with a stretcher to take him away for an autopsy.

One neighbor said he thinks the pond is at least 6 feet deep. He was surprised to see so many cops outside his home.

“Just heard a lot of police, a lot of sirens go on, and I looked outside, and there was a swarm of ambulances, firemen, I think as well, and policeman out there,” Steve Katz said. “Never seen that in this community, ever. Sixteen years here, never seen it.”

Police could not provide further details of how the man ended up in the pond, but said foul play was not suspected.

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