(CBS) As many have feared, disgraced Clippers owner Donald Sterling isn’t going down without a fight.

In the wake of receiving penalties and being pushed to sell his franchise following racist remarks, Sterling is refusing to pay the $2.5 million fine the NBA levied against him and he’s threatening to sue the league, SI.com reported. This much was made clear in a letter from Sterling attorney Maxwell Blecher to NBA general counsel Rick Buchanan.

Sterling’s threat of a lawsuit is on the grounds that that Sterling hasn’t violated any article of the NBA constitution, SI.com reported. However, the NBA will likely contend that Sterling violated Article 13(d), which prevents owners from “violating contractual obligations, including the obligation that owners no engage in unethical conduct or take positions adverse to the NBA,” according to the report.

More from SI.com:

Any lawsuit by Sterling against the NBA would face a daunting task, as Sterling contractually agreed to follow the NBA’s system of justice. Sterling’s failure to pay the fine is additional evidence of his insubordination of league policies. His failure triggers other contractual provisions that can be used by the NBA under Article 13(d) to justify his ouster. It is also possible the NBA could deduct $2.5 million, plus interest, from proceeds the NBA would share with the Sterlings after the league sells the Clippers.