CHICAGO (CBS) — Snow is no way to start a Friday morning in May, but we know the perfect way to perk you up: puppies.

A tent full of puppies drew a crowd at Pioneer Court, just off Michigan Avenue on Friday. It was part of Pet Smart’s “Inspired By Pets” campaign, which brings dogs and cats from city to city, trying to brighten people’s days.

The truck is also making stops in Toronto, New York, and other cities.

Eleni Kametas of Chicago fell in love with several puppies, and thought about trying to take one home.

“I have two adopted pets at home, so maybe not another, but maybe so. I don’t know. I see some really cute ones,” Kametas said.

Katie Marta was also taking a break from the daily grind for a little “puppy refreshment.”

“We’re going to be happier at work today after playing with puppies all day,” Marta said.

Shanita Tucker cradled a furry, brown puppy with floppy ears.

“It was worth every minute on the bus to get down here. It was worth every minute,” Tucker said.

Rolando Gonzalez held a puppy and said simply, “This is the best Friday morning!”