CHICAGO (CBS) — The principal of Curie High School has put out a warning to students and parents to leave immediately after school and use a different route after six shootings in 48 hours in nearby neighborhoods.

The school is located at 49th and South Archer. The warning was enough to worry people headed inside the school Wednesday night for an evening workout.

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“Pretty scary,” said Gabriela Perez. “You can’t be safe anywhere.”

The warning specifically points to the 79th and Pulaski area. About 2 miles from there, near 8400 South Kedzie, a 17-year-old walking in an alley was shot and killed around 5 p.m Monday, a case that’s reminding other teens who travel streets in the area about the potential for deadly violence.

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“You have to walk these streets every day,” said student DeMario Falls. “I know my way around the neighborhood. And I know people and I don’t feel like they would do harm to me.”

Student Josh Tomaszewski said he doesn’t feel at risk.

“There’s nothing that happens too much over here, it’s all good.”

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Curie High School wants students to leave that campus immediately after school, no hanging out outside. It also reminds students to be more aware of their surroundings.