(CBS) The Clippers’ recent sale to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer for $2 billion did more than just raise eyebrows and astonish observers.

It made many wonder: What’s that mean for the value of other NBA teams?

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While it’s still hard to predict, Yahoo! Finance and Business Insider have estimated the value of every NBA franchise based on the Clippers’ worth of $2 billion. To reach their figures, they multiplied each team’s estimated Forbes valuation by a factor of 3.48 — which is the factor the Clippers’ worth was raised by in the Ballmer sale based off their Forbes valuation.

Here’s a few of the interesting findings …

— The Knicks would be worth $4.87 billion, most in the league.

— The Lakers would be worth $4.70 billion, second-most in the league.

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— The Bulls would be worth $3.48 billion, third-most in the league.

— The Bucks would be worth $1.41 billion, least in the league.

Of course, there were unique factors in the Clippers sale that drove up the price, and not every franchise would even come close to selling for three times their estimated worth. At least four — and rumored to be more — wealthy, smart individuals/groups showed interest in the Clippers. The team’s local TV rights deal worth about $20 million per year expires after the 2015-’16 season, and with Chris Paul and Blake Griffin providing quality entertainment night in and night out, the new deal will net a far higher annual payment for the franchise. Perhaps most notably, Ballmer also had a burning desire to own an NBA team and was willing to overpay.

Still, it’s intriguing to wonder what each NBA team is worth. Some have theorized that the Clippers’ huge sale price will have more of an effect on big-market teams than it will on mid-market franchises, but we’ll have to wait for the next sale to learn more.

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