(CBS) The Cubs’ desire to get started with Wrigley Field renovations has been delayed again.

The organization’s revised renovation plan won’t be up for approval at the city’s Landmarks Commission meeting today, the Cubs said Thursday, as reported by the Chicago Tribune. The delay stems from Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel recently saying that city officials were taken by surprise at some of the elements that were included in the renovation plan when it was publicly revealed, specifically the relocation of the bullpens from foul territory to under the bleachers, which would necessitate the removal of some of the outfield wall and the ivy on it, which is under landmark protection.

The Cubs agreed to table the bullpen aspect of the plan, but it was still too little, too late.

“We’re continuing to talk to the Landmarks Commission in hopes to move forward with the process,” Cubs spokesman Julian Green told the Tribune. “At the end of the day we want to get this moving and we want to get the project done so we can move forward. If the landmarks commission finds, as we believe, the revised bleacher expansion meets with the landmarks criteria, then we’ll move forward.”

The next Landmarks Commission meeting could come in July, Green told the Tribune. The Cubs had hoped to begin construction in July on the new home clubhouse, but they said they haven’t even order materials yet for that.

The Cubs’ expansion plan also calls for erecting additional signage to the Wrigley Field outfield, expanding both clubhouses and make other sweeping renovations to the park and area.