(CBS) Asked about the latest in contract negotiations with first-round draft pick Carlos Rodon, White Sox general manager Rick Hahn told the Mully and Hanley Show on Wednesday morning that “we don’t have any update” and that the two sides continue to talk.

“We were able to (recently) sign 20-some-odd picks, including our second-rounder through the 10th round, and those guys are out and playing,” Hahn said. “Hopefully Carlos joins them in the not-so-distant future.”

The slotted signing bonus for third overall picks, as left-hander Rodon was, is about $5.72 million, but he could be demanding more. The suggested slot money for No. 1 picks is about $7.9 million, and Rodon was long considered a potential top pick and is the consensus most major league ready pitcher in the draft after three seasons at North Carolina State.

The White Sox have until July 18 to sign Rodon, who could return to N.C. State for his senior season if he chooses not to sign with Chicago.

About a week ago, Hahn expressed confidence that the White Sox would sign Rodon, even with hard-bargaining powerful agent Scott Boras involved.

“I tend to be an optimistic guy,” Hahn said recently. “I never anticipate problems. Look, in reality, we have a history with Scott, a positive history with Scott. He had Joe Crede, he’s got (Dayan) Viciedo. We had Andruw Jones here. A fair amount of this concern, or discussion on how this could be difficult, I think is unnecessary and really not significant to us determining what’s going to happen here.”

While Hahn didn’t talk much of Rodon’s status, he had plenty more to say on the Mully and Hanley Show. Among the topics he addressed were the revival of lefty starter John Danks, the team’s bullpen and what’s surprised him most this season.

You can listen to the entire interview below.