CBS staff-

In large part because every goal means so much in each match, soccer players celebrate like none other after scoring.

They’ve been known to unveil the craziest of ideas, from sliding to dog-piling to piggyback-riding to ripping off their shirt to dancing. There’s seemingly a well

Just recently, after scoring a late goal to tie the game in a top-tier Lithuanian league match, a player celebrated by leaving the field, taking to the stands, sitting down and clapping for the goal he’d just scored himself.

That’s truly something.

No doubt, soccer players can be some of the most creative, and on the grand stage of the World Cup, they break out some of their grandest celebrations.

Here’s some of the best from this year’s tournament, which is just more than a week old now.

Colombia (vs. Greece)

This was Colombia’s first goal of the World Cup, and its enthusiasm shone bright.

Colombia (vs. Ivory Coast)

And here comes the choreography from the Colombians in their second match.

USA (vs. Ghana)

John Brooks became the first American sub to score in the World Cup, and it his game-winner gave Team USA a path out of the group of death. This one is cool for his pure disbelief of scoring such a huge goal.

Uruguay (vs. England)

This is the “I’m the best player in the world and you can’t do anything to stop me” celebration from Uruguay’s Luis Suarez after his game-winner against England.

Croatia (vs. Brazil)

On the other end of the spectrum, this is of the “Did we deserve this goal celebration? Who cares!” variety.