(CBS) — Wisconsin police have arrested a person of interest Wednesday in connection with the discovery of the bodies of two women in suitcases earlier this month in the Town of Geneva.

After arresting the 52-year-old man in connection with the murders, police searched his apartment in West Allis. It is not known yet what they found inside but they brought out bag after bag of evidence, as neighbors watched.

“There was approximately seven policeman,” said neighbor Steve Schoenke

One neighbor described the suspect as quiet.

“I would have never thought that he would be the type of person that would possibly do something like this,” said Felicia Sopa.

The body of the first victim has been identified as Laura Simonson, 37, from Farmington Minnesota. Police say her mother reported her missing on November 22, 2013.

Police have been unable to identify the second body, which belongs to a woman between the ages of 15-35, height 5’2” to 5’4”, weight 120 – 140 pounds with long, straight dark brown or black hair and possibly Caucasian. She also had a quarter sized heart tattoo on the lower left abdomen/pelvic area.

On June 5, highway workers discovered the two suitcases while mowing grass along the highway in the southeastern Wisconsin town. The workers moved the suitcases to the roadside, where a person driving by spotted them and called police, who discovered a body in each suitcase.

Anyone who has information on the identity of the woman can call Town of Geneva Police at 262-248-9926 or the Walworth County Crime Stoppers at 262-723- 2677.

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