By Suzanne Le Mignot

(CBS) — As Rainbow PUSH’s annual convention kicks off and an historic milestone takes place for Rev. Jesse Jackson, he reflects on the quest for peace in Chicago.

CBS 2’s Suzanne Le Mignot reports Rev. Jesse Jackson was joined by special guest California Congresswoman Maxine Waters as they marked the 30 year anniversary of Jackson’s 1984 Presidential run.

“My reflection is that it came out of a body of work. It didn’t just happen. The ’54 decision, the legal decision, brought down the legal barriers. Dr. King and Rosa Parks…gave us a sense of collective action,” said Jackson.

“It was in 1984, that many of us, came alive. It was a real game changer for me and a defining moment in my life that helped me to understand what I possibly could do and how I could possibly serve,” said Waters.

Saturday is also the start of the 43rd Annual International Convention of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition and Citizenship Education Fund. This year’s theme is “A Quest for Equality and Peace.” In that quest for peace, Rev. Jackson talks about the 17 year-old boy who was shot in the back Friday night, just six blocks from his organization’s headquarters.

“I did go to see a young man who was shot last night. It was so painful to see his young friends fret in fear and hug me so tightly,” Jackson said.

The teen was walking down the 4900 block of S. Drexel when a minivan pulled up and someone inside, opened fire. Sources say the teen is a gang member.

“Whether he’s a gang member or not, he’s a 17 year-old child.”

Rev. Jackson says America makes the most guns and the bullets used in those weapons. Jackson says the nation should turn away from hatred and violence.

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