(CBS) — The CTA and Pace say they’re not aware of any problems with the final changeover to Ventra cards. WBBM’s Bob Roberts spoke with both agencies.

CTA expected no problems because all but two percent of its riders changed over before the deadline.

At Pace, spokesman Patrick Wilmot says more than 35 percent of riders continue to use old farecards or cash until the last minute.

“A lot of those customers were telling us that they intended to get a Ventra card. They knew that the July 1 deadline was coming up and they were ready to change over but were just consciously waiting until the last minute,” said Wilmot.

Pace also phased out its paper transfer. Now those that pay cash will have to pay full fare each time they change buses. Pace will transfer the value of unused ten ride and 30-day passes to those who fill out a form on the company’s website.