CHICAGO (CBS) – As a passionate musician, Elliot Mandel has carved out a niche in Chicago’s community of photographers, reports Regine Schlesinger with Made in Chicago.

Mandel plays the cello, writes reviews of classical music and now, as a photographer, captures performances with his camera. He says it requires a special kind of unobtrusiveness.

“It’s always been important to me to try to be invisible. It’s a weird position when you’re in the middle of a classical concert which has its etiquette, and the silence is incredibly important. As someone who goes to a lot of concerts, I know this inherently from being in the audience.”

Mandel also shoots a lot of cityscapes and architecture. But, his main body of work is pictures of musical performers.

“I’ve shot for University of Chicago Presents…I’ve shot for the Spectral Quartet…I’m shooting now for Rush Hour concerts which is a weekly concert series at St. James.”

You can see samples of Elliot Mandel’s pictures and find out more on his website,

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