(CBS) — Workers at an auto shop were tied up and thrown in the bathroom during a robbery Tuesday morning in unincorporated Aurora Township. Two thieves came charging in with weapons in hand and demanded jewelry, not realizing yet they were someplace else.

CBS 2’s Chris Martinez reports the garage behind Doerner Jewelers has no diamonds to speak of, no big signs to show it’s another business. What the auto body shop does have is a register, and that was good enough.

“They wound up taking about $2,000 from them,” said Kane County Undersheriff Pat Gengler.

The man and woman then forced the owners into the bathroom at gunpoint and told not to come out for 30 minutes or they would be killed.

By the time they got out, the robbers were long gone, leaving behind only traces of fear.

“I was scared when they told me it was a robbery I was scared,” said one customer.

“We don’t know if this is just an isolated incident or if this is something where somebody might wanna try to hit another business,” said Gengler.

The victims described the robbers as a man about six foot tall with dark rimmed glasses and a woman nearly six foot two inches tall wearing a dark hoodie.

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