CHICAGO (CBS) — Tuesday’s hot and humid conditions have prompted the city of Naperville to ask residents to cut back on their use of electricity.

WBBM Newsradio’s Nancy Harty reports Naperville officials estimated power usage will be at its peak from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m., so they want residents to turn up their thermostats a couple degrees, and avoid using other unnecessary appliances and electronics.

“Delay running the dishwasher, or if you’re into energy conservation – which so many of us are – you could turn up the thermostat. Two degrees is really going to make a difference during those time frames,” Naperville city spokeswoman Linda LaCloche said.

Officials suggested postponing use of unnecessary appliances until later in the evening, and using an outdoor grill to cook food.

“If they could reduce electricity use, or just delay some of that use – like maybe not run a dishwasher during that time, or not do a load of laundry – so that we can manage our peak energy usage during those times,” LaCloche said.

A brief heat spell like the one Monday and Tuesday can be more expensive for Naperville’s municipally owned electric service than a long heat wave, according to LaCloche.

“Having a one-day spike will actually spike up the cost, and eventually Naperville will pay more, and eventually our rate payers will end up paying more,” she said.

Since Naperville buys electricity for its residents, if the price spikes on a hot day, residents will see it reflected in higher bills from the city in about a month.

LaCloche said the city intends to lead by example, and will turn up thermostats in public buildings.