CHICAGO (CBS) — More than a thousand demonstrators – both pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian – filled Madison Street and street corners near the Israeli consulate Tuesday afternoon.

WBBM’s Steve Miller reports the pro-Palestinian demonstrators were on one side and the pro-Israel demonstrators – many more of them – were in the middle of Madison Street.

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Demonstrator Paul Freund of Lakeview says he cannot believe the Palestinians’ argument that Israel is attacking with too much might.

“It’s very funny. They all talk about dying for jihad, but the minute they get attacked and start dying, they don’t want to die. All of a sudden they’re not so brave…

“They’ve been planning Israel’s demise. And we’ll see whose demise will come first.”

Not lost on the crowd, the number of innocent people who have been killed in the fighting. Israel’s Counsel General to the Midwest blames Hamas.

“While Israel is using its missiles to protect its civil population, Hamas is using its civil population to protect its missiles,” said Roey Gilad.

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Ayisha Gillani of Chicago was at the pro-Palestinian demonstration with her three-year-old daughter; Gillani talks about why she felt she needed to be there.

“I don’t want what I have seen on TV to happen to any kid,” Gillani said. “I see this mass body of children killed and I just don’t understand it is pretty scary.”

Pro-Palestine supporter Deanna Dahla told CBS 2’s Mai Martinez that they are misrepresented.

“We just hope that our voices are heard,” Dahla said. “Again, we are peaceful people. We are not against Judaism.”

Police News Affairs Spokesman Martin Maloney says a man was arrested on a weapons violation.

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Maloney says the man has a conceal carry permit, but taking a gun to a demonstration is a violation. Maloney says the man may be charged with a misdemeanor.