(CBS) It’s been argued from coast to coast, in bars and living rooms and at family functions — and in the South, probably church, too.

What college football team do you hate most?

And by extension, what college football program is any given state’s biggest rival?

Well, no more need to wonder. Thanks to a Reddit poll and work, we can now look. While it’s admittedly unofficial, it’s enlightening and gives us a good idea of what team each state hates the most.

Around here, Illinoisans most despite the Michigan Wolverines — which makes sense, given that there are so many Big Ten graduates living in the Chicago area and Michigan’s high stature in the sport.

In another revealing aspect, in big states with a multitude of high-major programs (Texas, California, Florida), it’s often the flagship school or most successful one that is most hated. Because hey, if you’re the Texas Longhorns, you’re going to be disliked by Baylor, Texas A&M, Texas Tech and TCU.

Check out the map below.