INVERNESS, Ill. (CBS) — Church members, supporters, and critics gathered in the northwest suburbs Wednesday night to discuss the parish music director—fired over plans to marry his same sex partner.

CBS 2’s Mike Parker reports the congregation of Holy Family Parish in Inverness is in an uproar. Hundreds of parishioners met as the issue of same sex marriage hit them where they pray.

For years, Colin Collette has been music director at Holy Family and it was common knowledge that he and his partner were gay. When they announced their engagement on social media, Colin was fired by the parish priest.

Wednesday night, they came to a special meeting on the firing. They found out they have a lot of support.

To see someone who has given so much to this much to the church in terms of his gifts of music and art and all of those things just because he followed, his heart I don’t understand it,” said parishioner Kevin Keane.

Parishioners Mike and Sue Duffy are considering going to a different parish.

“If it turns out Colin is not accepted in this community, than we would have a very difficult remaining in the community,” Mike said.

But not everybody at the meeting supported Collette. They support the message from the Archdiocese.

“Pastors hire and dismiss all Parish personnel and govern according to the teachings of the church…those that serve as ministers of the church….are expected to conform their lives publicly with the teachings of the church,” the statement said.

Despite all of the emotion and support for Colin Collette, it appears the Chicago Archdiocese is not about to budge on this issue.