(CBS) Here’s a free lesson, folks: Careful what you tweet.

Because you never know when you’ll be backed into buying the whole entire free drinks for eternity.

Prior to Saturday’s Rams-Browns game, a Twitter user who goes by @SquareKnight tweeted that he’d buy everyone in the world drinks if St. Louis defensive end Michael Sam sacked Cleveland quarterback Johnny Manziel and then followed that by celebrating with Manziel’s patented “money sign.”

Well, then this happened Saturday night in the fourth quarter.

And then this happened.

Rams defensive end Michael Sam. (Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

Rams defensive end Michael Sam. (Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

This, of course, backed @SquareKnight into a corner. He’d promised free drinks for all, forever. And as we assume he’s not as wealthy as Bill Gates, this was a problem.

So what’d @SquareKnight do? He made the most of the situation by tagging Sam in a tweet and asking what his favorite charity was. Sam responded.

And on Monday, ESPN.com confirmed that @SquareKnight indeed is following up by donating $500 to the local St. Louis Boys and Girls Club. The man didn’t want to be named, however.