(CBS) — The leader of a group that advocates for Latinos is sympathetic to 20-year-old Carly Rousso – who’s being sentenced next month for DUI, after a collision that killed a 5-year-old Hispanic girl.

“None of us are perfect. We all make mistakes,” said Julie Contreras is a leader of the Lake County League of United Latin American Citizens.

The person she’s talking about is Carly Rousso, who was convicted of huffing – getting high – and killing 5-year-old Jaclyn Santos-Sacramento two years ago when she drove onto a sidewalk in Highland Park.

Rousso could be sentenced to anywhere from probation to 14 years in prison.

Contreras wants probation for Rousso.

She says she learned that Rousso is a Latina who was adopted by an Anglo family.

And she supports Rousso’s efforts to talk to young people about the dangers of getting high.

“I believe she’s now becoming a full person. And in becoming that full person, she’s not alone. I believe Jaclyn Santos is inside of her. And I think she deserves to be able to give back.”

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