(CBS) — A Chicagoland nurse got an unexpected surprise onboard a Southwest Airlines jet bound from Denver to Midway Airport Tuesday.

Lindsay Kilsdonk is an ICU nurse at Evanston Hospital. She and her husband were onboard Flight 467 when a call came across the intercom asking for medical help.

“We kind of looked over and we saw that there was a woman in the middle of the aisle and they were already starting CPR,” she said.

The woman in the aisle was in full cardiac arrest and Kilsdonk took over.

The plane was eventually diverted to Omaha where the woman was rushed off to the hospital. Kilsdonk was glad she could pitch in but in many ways says it was just another day at the office.

“I am trained as an ICU nurse and so the least I can do is use my skills whenever outside of the hospital,” she said.

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